Wayne was one of those niggas that lived by the code, but played by his own rules. Says E, a gangsta who came up under Silk. Guys like Silk are unpredictable and dangerous thats for sure, but at least people who are true can rely on him to be him regardless. He was, therefore, able to evade the authorities for many more years. Wats done is done! Dont glorify killers. Anyone can go around and watch someones patterns and then lie in wait for them and take them out even a child it isn`t a difficult thing to do especially when they don`t know it`s coming. Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2019 Verified Purchase I like how wayne perry believed in loyalty and respect. In short Smoke,dont shit on another mans struggle. Whats so cool about a clown ass nigga that put fear into alot of scary ass niggaz hearts by killing ppl and being stupid. In this candid interview orchestrated and brought to the world by Transitions writer/director/producer Hanibal Chancellor aka Big Hanman, Wayne Perry speaks from the penitentiary for the first time ever. FUCK HIM AND THAT BITCH ASS STREET CODE. Do your homework. Everyone must be exposed. First of all u bitch ass weak ass niggas down grading my man Silk are the same ones who couldnt come outside when he was out here. The victims are regular citizens. My dad was one of the many people he killed all because this dude was a yes man to some snitch nigga that got both of them knocked. he got transferred out of supermax in colorado to Seattle, Washington. What part of DC is Wayne Perry from? For those that lose loved ones prayers go out to u.remember eras do repeat itself n if u get n it its survival time. Your email address will not be published. Previous The White Boy Rick I Know. This accordingly marked the end of his academic journey. We dont need nobody glorifying the game, we have enough fools doing that. so you never heard of Al Capone, Willie Lloyd, Angelo Roberts etcIm from Flint MI the most dangerous city and murder capital of the US per capita! Wayne told shorty to go back outside and stand on the corner and sell his shit. The game is rigged. WP had all you so called Gs tuckin ya skirtz on them streetz. He talks about the risk factors for Bitcoin as an investment asset including origin risk, speculative market structure, regulatory, and environment. If you had Wayne on your side, he was a protector.. If this guy was smart he never would have worked for Alpo in the first place or at least been smart enough to cap his ass before he sang like a canary. Titus, Gator, , Markie, Mario, Jerry & Tonio was all his folks. I just got hip to the story. Everybody knew he was gay. Wayne Perry killed a lot of women. RT @_ValTown_: Wayne "Silk" Perry. Wayne only respected men. AND Im still in 203. You so called Gs had yall chance and never took it. First and foremost I know a lot of you guys talking crazy only talking because he got caught . Glorifying these fools is ignorant. He also helped them with monetary assistance when they were in difficulty. View the profiles of professionals named "Wayne Sisk" on LinkedIn. Wayne Perry Net Worth 2021 Revealed The infamous gangster Silk's net worth figures remain unknown as of 2021. Even though he probably accumulated millions of dollars from his drug trade with Martinez, there is a good possibility that this was confiscated by the state, leaving him penniless. All these secured their loyalty to him, and no one thought of snitching on him. So Wayne starts playing with dude, trying to provoke him. When we got to the mall Wayne took off his jacket and slapped the shit out of dude, he tried to make the nigga fight him but the dude wouldnt fight. He was omar. To make sure that his seeds dont grow up fucked up like these dumb ass Niggas that yall grown ass men are dick ridding about ,Thats a real nigga,and since when its cool to get locked up ,them crackers sitting back laughing at you dumb fucks .The KLAN is not as strong as they once were because brothers like some of you dumb niggas is doing for them.I grew up we respect for not getting bagged.Brothers wake up grow the FUCK UP cause we losing.Bad enough we only make 16% of the national population but 85% of the prison pop whos left to raise the children generational curses SMFH. There are many more Alpos than Wayne "SILK" Perry's living off a real GANGSTER back because they too tucking scared to make it on their own. By 16, Perry said he was involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, violence and bank robberies. If my dad was a drug dealer and got smoked he knew the game and still chose to do what he did. Albert Geddis Martinez, better known as Alpo Martinez, Abraham G. Rodriquez (witness protection), or more simply as Alpo or Po (June 8, 1966 - October 31, 2021) was an American drug dealer from Harlem, New York City of Puerto Rican descent. Celebrity. When the police and ambulance arrived, Wayne popped back up with a different set of clothes, just to see who was talking to the cops. It seemed Wayne did what he did just because he could. He played the streets like a game of chess. I had a spot over Southwest on Orange Street. Was this fairy nigga sent from outer space with magical powers to resist bullets or something? 2023 The Moguldom Nation. And all that talk bad about dude, put your real name out there and stop hiding behind pseudonyms. Taking lives is not to be glorified, it should be looked upon as a travesty!Peace Black people. Members Only, rayful edmond, tiny, wayne perry. Wayne was so smooth with that murder shit that when he first started killing for money in the city niggas didnt even know who was knockin them heads. The obvious is apparent.. Wayne Perry brags about people he killed. Youre a Internet thug. I respect Wayne Perry for doing his time and not snitching but seriously he couldnt have pulled that shit off in Detroit, its always someone that thinks their bigger and badder than you in the D. I respect everyone and every city, state, etc, but even the top niggas in Detroit know they gotta watch they back, it aint no gangs in Detroit its every man for themselves. The streets hold a definite respect, a curious awe and a healthy amount of fear for the man they called Silk. U making it seem like DC nigga dont snitch.. It just didnt get around because of his reputation. and as far as wayne or any other killer.one of his crew could have been in the car with him as usual and shot his. Partner of iONE Digital Network. Perry took a plea deal with the authorities and escaped the death penalty. I have this problem with Wayne 'Silk' Perry. His aura of fear was impregnable. One day me and Wayne went to pick up a bucket he had parked across town. Amongst them was his girlfriend named Evelyn Carter. Now I get to do bullshit blogs from my large boat while so called gangsters who made a whole lot of money sit in their 811 foot cell. When I asked (Perry) about it, he said say Stay out of my business. I lost all respect for him, Branch said. He reigned supreme as the most feared personality on the streets of D.C., and many people took to paying him off to avoid trouble. I just want to know how many of you were in Alpos shoes looking at the FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY where you dont sit on death row for 20 years but in less then 3-4 years the Feds will kill you in Terre Haute, Indiana. Most of you niggas telling stories are snitches, if its true. And if their position was to be up under him and do what the fuck he said, then so be it. Whos behind the cat that was that was hitting them with them keys? it appears that the only people affected were people in the streets. He might hit 30 dudes off with a couple of ounces each just on G.P. And if they do they they treat us as worthless n we gotta kiss ass. The dude wouldnt let it go, his pride was in it. A new photo of Wayne "Silk" Perry in prison has surfaced and he's gone viral over the photo. Lol lame DC fag niggas need to be beaten to death all you faggots! Funny. And I aint hardly shittin you. remember this isnt a game. As a result, his fellow gang members began removing bullets from his guns to reduce his chances of killing anybody. As a result, he was barred from all D.C. public schools. He's been called the Michael Jordan of the murder game. Respect!! This shit just shows how fucking vweak u dc niggas are, for one motherfucker to be so feared shows yall some fucking sissies, fucking stupid ass nigga! He ate off anyone he wanted to. Wake up! Silk was cool and calculating but he also fortified his bourgeoning reputation as the most feared man in D.C. with sporadic outbursts of violence that seemed to come out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason. The dope game is a dirty business and your trying to tell me that Alpo was the only one that told something to save his life. 187s in your organization will bring the rollers and draconian prison sentences -loss of family and loved ones. Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in South Africa, Footage of Mzansi people grooving at Fourways Farmers' Market upsets many, JPMorgan to buy First Republic after regulators seize control, Limpopo woman arrested for fatally stabbing boyfriend during fight, Mzansi fed up: SA needs serious prayers, Nkosazana Daughter's real name, age, parents, songs, net worth, Connie Ferguson and daughters Alicia and Lesedi celebrate Shona Ferguson's heavenly birthday with lush party: "We miss you so much", Dr. Lynette Nusbachers bio: age, son, wife, before and after pics, worth. Who the fuck wants to live in prison the rest of there life. I dont think anybody feared his ass. Be the first to get hottest news from our Editor-in-Chief, Check your email and confirm your subscription. Killing, robbing, hustling, none of these actions validate bravery, manhood, honor or strength. He used the car to stash stuff in. Manny says. This man sprayed at crowds. I think our people (African Americans) glorify the criminal gangster lifestyle and stories. Wayne Perrys life is also the subject of a book titled Washington DC Hitman: Wayne Silk Perry. Dont kid yourself, pal Because without these assholes cap guns they are all just a bunch of god damn punks! He allowed his gang members and acquaintances to take some of the drugs that Martinez gave him. wayne perry was portrayed in the hbo special the wire, the guy who was gay and had young lovers and would whistle a tune at stash houses and bags of dope would drop from the projects of west baltimore! As told by Perry himself, a more exciting version has it that he was informed that Martinez wanted to assassinate him and decided to kill him at a nightclub where he was chilling. Niggas didnt want to be on his shit list. Manny says. All Real DC stand up, fuk dat bamma azz weak DMV crap! you had dudes like TITUS, GATOR, MARIO, MARKIE AND A LOT OF OTHER DUDES. During this period, their trade prospered, and they grew quite wealthy. However, much of his personal information is undisclosed. Murder, robbery, drug dealing and extortion were said to be his business and he took it seriously. A lot of times Wayne would try dudes he didnt like by playing with them. You guys glorifying this piece of trash like he`s some hero who helped his community or something. He also took on a Black nationalist stance. Shots go out to SE & the whole city! he liked real killers jus the ones that was scared of him and nothing else. i would like to tell the whole drug world community that crime doesnt pay 90% of the time, the odds are against you! Martinez was killed in October 2021 in a drive-by shooting in Harlem after serving decades in prison for murder and being in a witness protection program for testifying against his associates since 2015. Seth Ferranti August 14, 2015. This dude walks up in broad daylight and puts 8 your skully, how many people have YOU murdered in broad daylight? They eventually got him in 1993. There wasnt a bunch of scared people. 1, that he put his first foot in the dirt in 1974, when he was just 12 years old, Ozy reported. The convicted gangster is therefore learning to move ahead with his life within the four walls of the prison. Wayne Perry has no son or any other children. I respect him for what he accomplished in the 80s at his age. Smart Policies are as low as $30 a month, No Medical Exam Required Alpo, Rayful, Nicky Barnes, Sammy the Bull, to name a few., In a phone interview from prison with the King Earner YouTube channel on Aug. 23, 2018, Perry talked about how his viewpoint has changed since he found Allah and converted to Islam. try to do business with straight shooters meaning honest players, no rip off scammers or druggies or degenerates. One time, me, Wayne and two other dudes were in my Benz on the way to the mall. This is true DC shit,and the fucked up thing,is that all true DC niggas carry this attitude.Im 25,so I came up through this era.One of my brothers/sisters (I have 13 but 12 living,my oldest brother who use to run with Rayful over there in Edgewood is dead) said my lil brother is smart,on his school shit but Dont get it twisted hell take your head if feels theres no other way.Hes not lying by no stretch of the imagination either.I know folks from all walks of life from this area that carries it the exact same way. You arent even shooting over real money; there isnt that much bread around like in the 80s and 90s. Everybody wish Wayne Perry an honorable mention. ALL THESE YOUNG NIGGAS ARE BITCHES IF YOU TAKE AWAY THE GUNS. Is Wayne Perry still alive? The governments leaders, who draft and fraudulently vote in the very laws you so vehemently support to the strict opposition of anyone supporting contradicting laws or the people who dont observe your laws at all, are spineless, underhanded slimy, degenerates who will kill their own friends, supporters, constituents and (just as easily) children for a few bucks. Cordea is an Afro-American born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Perry acted as a hitman and bodyguard for Alberto Alpo Martinez, the Harlem drug lord who trafficked cocaine to Washington, according to law enforcement. But who really behind dudes like Alpo and Silk? I remember him asking whats happening with you? yea well maybe u should send some dc niggas down here to jay fl cause these niggas be talking so much shit about shit they dont know anything about they wouldnt last 5 min in dc, detroit chicago oakland or b-more!!!!!!! How many bricks have you sold? U bitch ass nigga fuck u fat bitch ass faggot and where u from. Who is to blame? How many witnesses have you killed? Then after a while the legend thing takes on a life of his own. Check your inbox to be the first to know the hottest news. Wayne Perry is one of the most high-profile killers of the time. Everyday we judge thinking we kno someone till we know some one . I deeply, deeply hate people like him He is EXACTLY what the problem is in the black community.. No glory. if your a street dealer, dont sell to pregnant women or anyone under 21. trust no one including your mother! You had other niggas puttin in work like Gary Gaylord, Cornell,Roy & Cliff Cobb, Big Vincent, and the list goes on I dont condone this shit!!! In 1994, in an interesting twist of events, Perry testified against Alpo. This is why blacks are ridiculed and judged all of the god damn time. People didnt only fear that, they feared the fact that Silk got away with the shit he did. Manny says. The fact that anyone could glorify this guys is completely ridiculous to me. Martinez rose to prominence in the mid-1980s. Besides drug-dealing and killing, Perry committed other crimes such as robbery and extortion. As the story goes, Evelyn Carter compromised Perry, and he gunned her down at Constitution Hall after a concert given by Keith Sweat. Grow up! Unanswered Questions . U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan sent him to life imprisonment instead of the death penalty for testifying against Alpo. BUT WAYNE RESPECTED ALL THESE DUDES. When he got out of prison in the mid-80s, he continued with his life of crime and even took it to higher levels. Chi-Raq is out of fucking control, for real! also yall lost all organization in the chi with these you g niggas new breeds and renegades nobody taking orders from nobody. How much time Wayne perry. Wayne "Silk" Perry was considered one of the most notorious gangsters to run the streets of Washington, D.C. in the late '80s and early '90s. For instance, on one occasion, he got a dude to strip naked in the mall in broad daylight and shot him in the ass to prove to his companions that the man was faking his toughness. But these guys are all jailed no more of that running the streets! Dishonor can be avoided most of the time if people stay true to who they know they are and stop doing things whose ramifications, they know they cannot handle! For more information, please see our Perry's wife, Twala McClain, was visibly upset by the announcement. I lived in Cleveland and been to Detroit and various Big Cities and have lived the life of a MidLevel drug dealer but it is a zero sum game!All of you have strong convictions about that Lifestyle,But in the end most people dont have oppurtunities that Suburban families take for granted.I didnt live in the Urban environment,But as I got older I felt the effects of being Black In America.I went to prison briefly and it is not a game!I have been Homeless and had substance abuse problems.It is just the era we lived in during The Early 80s to the Mid 90s all economics and careers in good paying jobs were already leaving the Urban areas long before the Drug Trade took hold and still hasnt left as I reply at this moment.In those days it was every where you turned and it was so awash in $$ that we all got some of it and more than we bargained for!It was not only in The Hood it crossed all boundaries and statuss and racial lines and incomes.The only difference is where you sold and did drugs that made it a Social and Political issue.I will read more on this because there are so many layers on this subject we can get the heart of it. Police said Perry killed witnesses, disloyal gang members and rival drug dealers. Perry claimed to have been involved in as many as 100 murders, many targeting witnesses who dared to cooperate with law enforcement. THAT SHIT RIDICULOUSLY SUSPECT; TO BE HONEST IM REALLY DISGUSTED TO EVEN READ IT, AND I REALLY HOPE THE STORY WAS JUST EXAGGERATED, AND ISNT TRUE. In a Letter to The Youth written in 2013 for the youth of Washington, D.C., Perry talked of his faith and his hope for the youth. He exhorted from mobsters, lawyers, and drug lords alike. i never claimed to be in it either! All Rights Reserved. The name Wayne Sink has over 8 birth records, 2 death records, 0 criminal/court records, 26 address records, 9 phone records & more. Privacy Policy. 3 yr. ago. VladTV. We pull up in front of a well known spot thats owned by some dudes that supposed to be major in the city. they WERE in DC asshole, fuck Chi-Raq, them niggas is all over the place after taering the projex down. In fact, to the best of public knowledge, there has never been a case of any lady getting pregnant or having a baby for the notorious gangster. The two lived luxuriously and were able to escape the cops for a long time. Robbing nicca and making them suck dick. But the new DC they aint having Those hoods are gone now! SurSum Cordas 1 mile from our Capiol..Im a 80s baby its was Armmwar ! I did grow up however using my hands enough where my respect known and given from so called gangsters to punk asses. Snitches didnt make to court and the National Guard took over the city when things got totally outta hand because the crooked DC cops didnt give a damn. I'm working with him on a three part series titled ". I am into the stories of Wayne, Alpo, etc, so that when my son gets older then I can school him on the old school knowledge and guide him away from the streets of today. According to Vice, . In addition to New York, Martinez expanded his drug trade to other cities, notably Washington, D.C. The young dude went back outside and started pumping. No matter how much money the rat had, spent or flashed or how hard he flossed, that shit meant nothing to Wayne. Only integrity and heart counted to Silk. GO HARD Get at me. You would think he was some big 300 pound nigga, but when you see him he is this tall, skinny, funny nigga. You are seriously glorifying a punk ass lunatic who was taking out members of our race , our brothers , our sisters and you giving him props !!!! That man is a whole different person today. Reason he was feared was because he killed in broad daylight with a ton of people around like it was nothing! Next K.C. In every hood theres an individual whose supreme talent seems to be a penchant for murdering others for whatever reason. NEVER! WOW THIS SOME NUT SHIT : According to Vlad; Recently,a new photo of Wayne Silk Perrysurfaced from prison. Wayne Perry is the man who protected self-proclaimed Harlem drug lord and notorious snitch Alberto Alpo Martinez. The stories in itself are interesting but I think the glorification of it is very troubling especially within the urban youth! DC IS FULL OF REAL MEN no one person ever ran this city but many have tried & failed. Im rdg all these crack head comments bout my city had this n that. Wayne was just one of those Niggas that was out there with his. by the way, the father or his son was never in the drug. Horriblebut I assume all of you gangstas or killers in streets of Philly, Chicago, DC, NY and anywheres else wouldnt be afraid to turn your guns on the real enemy, the lobbyist, the police, the bankers, Wall Street, the government, (look up COINTELPRO (white supremacy) and save our own people to be able to live generation after generation instead of contributing to the genocide of Black Americans, or the niggas in the hood. Wayne hated fake niggas. DONT KNOW, AND NEVER HEARD OF ANY STR888 DUDE IN THE STREET, COMING AT ANOTHER DUDE TALKING BOUT I COULD FUCK YOU !, THAT SHIT WAS NUT, NO STR888 MAN TALK THAT SHIT TO ANOTHER STR888 MAN ! made him one of the most feared killers in the D.C. area, and he added murder for hire to his resume. Thats how Silk played it. The streets hold a definite respect, a curious awe and a healthy amount of fear for the man they called Silk. If you can use them as tools of motivation to not follow in the footsteps then that is the way to go. pss. Loved by few, hated by many, confronted by none . Just to inspire that loyalty to that do or die attitude. Come on now, lol. These articles show a man that has turned a new leaf but still holds on to some deeply-held beliefs. DC never was completely squeeky clean of nothing congressmans stealing money for worldly possessions and no one really look out for no one in DC witch is now chocolate vanilla swirl city we have to change the cycle Ok for its designed for enslavement of the mind, I am from Brooklyn ny the city that threw punk ass Alpo away. All Rights Reserved. I walk right up and put seven in the head like it aint shit. The fear that he put in the hearts of some people was like no other. No, not alpo. No questions asked. All these internet thugs talkin shytt iz funny. Wayne "Silk" Perry is the most infamous gangster to ever walk the streets of Washington D.C. He's been called the Michael Jordan of the murder game. The book was published in 2015 and is written by a former convict turned journalist and author Seth Ferranti. Silk love ya homes,keep ir head up, A real nigga finallly! If he had of met up with someone who actually was trained, someone who spent a couple hours a week at a gun club and practiced shooting at moving targets(a REAL soldier) things would of been much different. By 1976, Perry told Ferranti he was hustling on the street and gambling, using crooked dice and marked or cut cards.. Them weak clowns slept with guns because they were defenseless without one fuck em and you dumb motherfuckers who look up to them! I dont want nothing from you. He wanted to make his own way. I was born in dc in 1980 and anyone who thinks their city was as crazy as dc between 85-92 is fuckin crazy. When u talk about football its Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Joe Montana,you know,the best. Nkosi Shaka pleaded guilty to five counts of murder and furthering a continuing criminal enterprise. If you want to read the rest order the book right now. The Washington Post described Perry one of the Districts most heinous murderers. make no mistake about it wayne was putting in that work ,and had dudes scared to death. According to details confirmed by the New York Daily News, Martinez was shot multiple times in the chest on West 147th Street near Frederick. You never understand until its YOUR son or daughter that falls victim to brutality. How many of the people he murdered were better men than his boss? I HOPE THAT NIGGA AND ALL THAT ARE LIKE HIM GET DICKED. A professional head hitter and alleged killer. He had people fronting him kilos of coke. Wayne looked at us and said, I told yall this nigga was a bitch. Wayne then pulled out his pistol and makes the dude strip ass naked right in the parking lot, then he shot him in the ass and told him to get the fuck away from us. Sammy Gravano admitted to something like 40 murders, told on Gotti and other wise guys and he only got 12 years. Alpo is a NewYork Nigga not from Dc DC Dudes do whatever. Also saved his life. People are so ignorant its sad. According to the indictment, Perry was the main orchestrator of and shooter in eight murders from 1989 to 1991. Wow for the Philly shot out! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Some of you people are seriously fxcking retarded. The authorities charged Wayne Perry, alongside two accomplices named Tyrone LaSalle Price and Michael Anthony Jackson, in March 1994. Eighty percent of the dudes that fucked with him back then did so out of fear. This is an excerpt from Street Legends. As one of my brothers (Opio) once said to me, Adversity is nourishing food for those strong enough to digest it. To all of you perusing this who are oppressed, fighting adversity in whatever way it is attacking you, let that sagacious quote inspire you, he wrote in the Newafrikan77 blog. He held true to the code of the streets that spawned him. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. D.C. back in the 80s & 90s (unfortunately) was a st8 up war zone! they just happened to gain rep ON THEIR OWN TURF. We dont have gangs. He didnt give a fuck what you thought about him as long as you didnt cross the line. No different than the white boys in suits that scam grandmas out of their retirement. It didnt take him long to get involved in the criminal world. "Everybody knows Jay-Z and most people, 99 percent of America, has never heard of. Anthony Spilotro from the Chicago Outfit. As Wayne Perry put it himself, he didnt do that across the street shit. If he wanted to kill someone, he walked right up to them and emptied his bullets into their head without batting an eyelid. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. This will likely remain his present financial status, given that he is incarcerated in a maximum-security prison. Are you prioritizing your cable entertainment bill over protecting and investing in your family? Sorry to hear that your fam was affected by the madness in the city. The dude was like, I cant drive all that shit back around the way. Wayne pulled out his pistol and told the nigga, You better get your ass in that car and take it around the Gardens and if the police pull you over tell them its my shit and if they take it Im a kill your muthafuckin ass. The nigga got his ass in the car and did exactly what Wayne said. When a dude is willing to blast anyone, anytime, anyplace, people fear you, dont matter where you are. For a gangster and murder of his calibre, it is no shock that much of Nkosi Shaka Zulu El's personal life, such as family, is unknown. Wayne Perry was gay as a $3 bill. Perry was born in 1962 in Georgia. No cryin for him boy!!! I told him, no, so he said he was going to take me to get some money. How many notorious gangsters and known killers are scared of you? Sha Be Allah. Afterward, he was sentenced to several years in prison. Therefore, he was sentenced to five life in prison sentences without the option of parole in April 1994.