Then Melissa said speaking out about election fraud has made her scared for her life, unable to find a job, and so worried about her safety she had to delete her social media. Melissa Carone. You're acting, like, 'Oh, my God, you guys are crazy,'" she told the outlet. "You gained international infamy earlier this month as Rudy Giuliani's so-called 'star witness' who could supposedly corroborate outlandish accusations that Dominion has somehow rigged or otherwise improperly influenced the outcome of the Nov. 2020 US presidential election," the letter, first reported by Insider's Jacob Shamsian,said. Besides this, she is an arts and crafts professional and also worked as a volunteer for eight years. She did not. Please try again. I have been attacked the last month relentlessly on social media, by newspapers, by TV shows, byyou name it, Ive been attacked, Lindell said, showing a graphic of al the companies that have dropped MyPillow from their shelves, including Kohls, Mattress Firm, and the Home Shopping Network. Carone was put forward in recent days as a "whistleblower" by President Donald Trump's campaign while they have attempted to overturn election results in a number of states. Send any friend a story Talking about her education she attended ITT Technical Institue and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science and then enrolled at the University of Michigan. "But you know what I just found? She then went home to Carone also apparently refused to quarantine after being in close contact with Giuliani directly after he tested positive for the coronavirus. She also said she wouldn't get tested for the virus, despite coming into close contact with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was reportedly hospitalized after testing positive over the weekend days after they sat next to each other in Michigan. It was an exchange that could have been reproduced verbatim on Saturday Night Live. But surely, given all thats happened these last four years, our understanding of the intersection between mockery and power has changed? Melissa, who worked a 24-hour shift at Detroits TCF Center on Election Day doing IT for Dominion Voting Systems, had already been declared simply not credible by a Michigan judge after a rambling appearance on Fox News, where she made a series of unverified claims to Lou Dobbs. [4], Carbone pitched her company in Season 5 (2013) of Shark Tank. But the highlight of the day's clown show was Melissa Carone, the campaign's "star witness," a "freelance IT consultant." She delivered her testimony while noticeably slurring her words, with the gusto of a woman trying to stay standing upright in a McDonald's at 2 a.m., convinced that the chicken nuggets she ordered and already ate never arrived. Every single thing.. Video of Carone's testimony went viral and prompted a parody skit on "Saturday Night Live.". Cute! Does This Mean Biden Knows About Scandoval? Ariana Madix, Lisa Vanderpump, and Lala Kent were the stars of the White House Correspondents Dinner. as well as other partner offers and accept our. Later, she joined Ford Motor Company and served as a Cyber Security Analyst, and then her last job was at Ciber Global where Melissa worked as a Cyber Security Analyst. After watching Strong's performance, fans applauded her and said it should earn the comedian her first Emmy. Including some early deals from Amazon Pet Day, Brooklinen bedding at the cheapest weve ever seen it, and jeans you can dance in. Mellissa Carone, who gained notoriety as a witness for Rudy Giuliani during a Michigan election-fraud hearing early this month, has been hit with a cease-and-desist letter from Dominion Voting Systems over her comments. We give you trending news and famous personalities all around the . Trump lost the November election to Joe Biden, who won a majority of both popular and electoral votes, according to tallies by the Associated Press. The statement goes on to say that the network doesnt adopt or endorse claims about Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmaticboth of which have filed multibillion-dollar lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and others who have pushed or promoted the election fraud conspiracy. AI Singers Are Unnervingly Good and Already Ubiquitous, Will Choupette Walk the Carpet, and More Met Gala 101. Weeks after Mellissa Carone was tapped by the Trump campaign as a witness in Michigan, little appeared to be going as planned with the contract IT workers testimony an unverified series of claims about ballot fraud at Detroits vote-counting center. 9:45am, Aug 12. [3] in her testimony she claimed that ballots were found in "River's" and "Under . All contents Ms. Carone was at the TCF Center from 6:15 a.m. on November 3, 2020 to 4:00 a.m. on November 4, 2020. Melissa Carone is a contract IT worker at TCF Cente in Michigan who is responsible for repairing defective vote-counting machines. He is saying Obamas reign of destruction was caused by dominion voting machines. Known for. I would swear under oath that I wasn't drunk. 25th Amendment: Senior officials have discussed removing Trump. Imagine lining up your witnesses, one person wrote on Twitter, and this is the best you got.. The woman has been arrested from Bangkok; police suspect she killed people Wang began her artist hunting through exploring tons of artists' profiles Melissa Carone and Rudy Giuliani in a still from the video that is being circulated on social media. (Carone's interview with the website, published on Tuesday, has since been taken down without explanation.). You're acting like you don't know what's going on. I'm not sure what he's doing here. For the record, Carone told Inside Edition, she "loved" Cecily Strong's version of her on SNL: "I think she did a great job. Giuliani's character is heard shouting at the hearing saying, "This election was stolen from the American people with a level of trickery not seen since Houdini." View the profiles of professionals named "Melissa Carone" on LinkedIn. (The description of the accusations and Carone's plea were reported by the Post, The Huffington Post and a Detroit website. The attention, the locus of power and energy, now favors the cranks. However, there is not much information about her age and family. But the highlight of the days clown show was Melissa Carone, the campaigns star witness, a freelance IT consultant. She delivered her testimony while noticeably slurring her words, with the gusto of a woman trying to stay standing upright in a McDonalds at 2 a.m., convinced that the chicken nuggets she ordered and already ate never arrived. ", Insisting that fraud was committed, Strong's Carone is heard telling the panel to lose their attitude "just like you 'lost' all those Trump ballots" and said that she personally saw hundreds, if not thousands, of dead people voting. Trumpian in an extremely obvious and enthusiastic way, either by coincidence or design, shes causing a response that echoes the way so many responded to Trump before he won the highest office in the land: laughing him off and looking forward to SNL. "And I say character because I've watched . Mellissa Carone described modeling as 'her passion' on her Explore Talent page. OAN also tried to distance itself from Lindells claims about Georgia Gov. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. [2][7][8] Carbone and Richards raised half a million dollars from friends and family, along with their first sponsor, Mini Cooper. She was their youngest General Sales Manager. Lawyers for Dominion sent Carone a strongly worded letter last week accusing the Grosse Pointe Woods mother of two of spreading lies about the company. The 33-year-old posted a dozen photos of herself in bikinis and bodycon dresses with teased, curled hair. (A judge previously declared this Trump supporter /freelance contract IT workers testimony simply not credible.) It may not be obvious to a consumer of far-right sources that not being allowed in to watch the count themselves (this was one complaint) isnt the same thing as election fraud. Never mind Trumps ignorance, his conspiracy-mongering, or his con jobs. There are 6 professionals named "Melissa Carone", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. She repeatedly interrupted Republican Rep. Steven Johnsonwho struggled valiantly to elicit coherent testimony from her concerning some kind of voter fraudto imply, between emphatic finger wags and affirmations of her credibility, that he himself must be guilty of some unspecified impropriety. She was such a loose cannon that even . the character questions the Michigan state senators. Giuliani and his 'star witness' were savagely trolled in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, in its first episode since the US Presidential Elections. Melissa Carbone. This is nothing to laugh at. She quit her job in 2009 and, along with her partner at the time, Alyson Richards, invested her life savings into the company Ten Thirty One Productions. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. *corrected Melissa Carone, who served as a "star witness" for attorney Rudy Giuliani in his failed attempts to get President Joe Biden's win in Michigan overturned, is now being sued by a Republican clerk . Lindell published the docu-movie on Vimeo and YouTube, and published it to Facebook, early Friday. Even Rudy Giuliani, no stranger to embarrassing public spectacles, tried and failed to shush her. The Slate Group LLC. Is the Federal Government Trying to Kill Off Crypto? ", Melissa Carone, everyone. Bobbie Thomas Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband Michael Kenneth. Surely we appreciate, now, that laughing at a crank inflates his or her currency? Mellissa Carone's criminal history and her proximity to Rudy Giuliani, who later said he got COVID-19, are now taking up the share of the headlines. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. He was basically right: A video of clips was eventually uploaded that mostly corroborated the descriptions. A woman who even Giuliani reportedly emphasized he had only met this week. Most werent quite as theatrical as Carone, and I felt, as I often do, a surge of anxious fellow feeling for normal citizens when they address politicians in public hearings. From May 2018 to August 2020, she worked at Rx Painting Inc as an IT Technician. Carone's testimony, which at times drew laughter from hearing attendees, accused the company of engaging in election fraud. "What'd you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?" His testimony is about signs he saw at a rally.. (PEOPLE's efforts to reach her for comment were unsuccessful.). [1] [2] Carone, who was working for Dominion Voting Services during the 2020 presidential election count. Carone, Giuliani and the Trump campaign all did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post late Wednesday. Its kind of an understatement to say thatdespite four years of a Crank-in-Chiefwe have not adapted to this change. Compared to what we witnessed yesterday, the Giuliani incident was the apex of professionalism. She looked the vaguely Palinesque part updated for 2020, complete with glasses and an unstable but compelling updo, and she commanded the stage. As per The Detroit News (as caught by Raw Story), Carone was one of 15 candidates informed that they were disqualified for running for various offices in Michigan. According to the thread-writer, a poll watcher in Michigan testified that black lives matter people wore rhinestones. Were not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes, he said. Trump campaigns star witness in Michigan was deemed not credible. Then, her loud testimony went viral. These leather-alternative brands are hoping that you will. Bidens misleading deficit claim earns him a Bottomless Pinocchio, Fact-checking Trumps reaction to Bidens reelection announcement. The movie itself comes in at two hoursnot three, as Lindell promised in a disastrous Newsmax appearance earlier this weekis soundtracked by and essentially rehashes all of the false claims about the election that have been debunked time and again. Elections. [1][2], Carbone grew up in Connecticut. There was this woman who said that her evidence of fraud was that an Asian man brought in a box of ballots. A Twitter account live-tweeting that Michigan hearingand I recommend reading the thread in fulldocumented a parade of cranks with drily descriptive captions that read like Mark Twain. 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Carone had plenty more to stay during her various interviews since her moment in the spotlight last week. Share. Mellissa Carone, who gained notoriety as a witness for Rudy Giuliani during a Michigan election-fraud hearing early this month, has been hit with a cease-and-desist letter from Dominion Voting . Slate is published by The Slate (Video: The Washington Post), Since Nov. 4, President Trump has repeatedly claimed his election loss as a result of massive fraud. Jan Wolfe and David Thomas. Occasionally slurring but never unsure, she yanked the spotlight away from the politicians presiding over the hearing. One of them was Melissa Carone. My, I was initially supposed to work at the Detroit Department of Elections building. I just found something on my phone that is going to blow this all up in about three days. All rights reserved. Carone is among nearly two dozen people and companies including Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN who have received cease-and-desist notifications from Dominion's lawyers over election-fraud claims. Pharrell and More of the Bestest Party Pics This Week. 243 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'melissacarone' hashtag Giuliani was reportedly admitted to Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. In that affidavit, Carone claimed she saw unidentified workers counting the same ballots over and over again, though a Michigan judge found that her claims were not substantiated by anyone else who submitted affidavits. Did you?. In addition to being featured in publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur, Carbone has appeared on The Today Show as an industry expert and called a "market maker" by Bloomberg News. Cranks matter now. Mellissa Carone, whose name has been misspelled as "Melissa Carone," appeared on a December 2 2020 livestream at a meeting of Michigan lawmakers alongside Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who is part of an effort to overturn the results of the November 3 2020 election, in which Trump decisively lost to Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden. "Last night we were introduced to a new character in the Trumperverse, a woman named Melissa Caroneno relation to the virus," Kimmel joked. The more theyre mocked, the more followers double down into hurricanes of tribalism that become a sincere and unshakeable loyalty. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. "You want evidence? The E. Jean Carroll Trial Contains One Remarkable Piece of Evidence. ), "I'm 100 percent credible," Carone told the Huffington Post, addressing her criminal history. Though Carone initially denied she had done so to police, she later confessed once presented with evidence, according to the Huffington Post. The star witness, who several claimed to be drunk during the appearance, was even tried to be shushed by Giuliani after she said, "I know what I saw. In 2019, she graduated from the University of Michigan with an Associates Degree in Computer, Information Technology Administration and Management. Terms of Service apply. These include the claim that 66,000 underage people voted in Georgia, when the number of people under the age of 18 who requested a ballot was actually four, and all of them turned 18 prior to November 3, according to Raffenspergers office. Its Foxs World. Adam Gabbatt in New York. Its not. Stay up to date with what you want to know. While jokes about who would play Melissa Carone proliferated, I kept having flashbacks to 2016. When another representative suggested she should be under oath during her presentation, Carone got personal. What You Need To Know. Shed lied about lying, but that was sort of beside the point: Carone is a crank, and no one expects cranks to be consistent. However, some people joking about whether shes really a Saturday Night Live character. Melissa Carone, the 'star witness' produced by Rudy Giuliani in the election fraud hearings had leaked her sex tapes to her boyfriend's ex-wife. Speaking to a range of outlets, including national newspapers and TV shows as well as Sarah Palin's website, Mellissa Carone insisted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was created in a lab and funded by the Obamas. She later described herself as an unwitting home-haunter. I think many people assumed that Rudy Giulianis sweat-drenched screed from a few weeks ago, during which his own hair dye poured down his contorted face like toxic sludge, was the most ridiculous moment in the grand farce that is the Trump campaigns failing election results battle. She has been at New York magazine since 2019. ", The letter warned that "litigation regarding these issues is imminent. Melissa Carone, who was enlisted by Rudolph W. Giuliani to testify at an election oversight hearing, made a false statement on a candidate affidavit, state officials said. He doesn't seem positive either. CarOne bankruptcy: warranty 1 /r/kingstonontario , 2023-04-20, 21:51:28 After Hiring Frank Carone, a Reviled Brooklyn Landlord Won a Multimillion-Dollar Windfall from the City.. 21 For the advertisement, Copyright issues, related queries, or any miscellaneous stuff, email us at Recently, she attended a court hearing in Michigan to discuss allegations of voter fraud in the state that Republicans claim led to Donald Trump's defeat in the 2020 election. Ms Carone said she was contracted by Dominion, the company behind the electronic voting systems used by some American counties, to do IT work at the TCF Centre in . ", And no, Carone said: "I wasn't drunk [at the hearing]. We encountered an issue signing you up. Twitter . Instagram; Twitter; Search for: This Website provides you with the latest information and Knowledge on Hollywood and News. Mellissa Carone, the Trump campaigns star witness at a Michigan house panel presenting more unfounded claims of voter fraud has gotten lots of attention, for all the wrong reasons. She looked just like me. Giuliani enlisted Carone after she claimed to have witnessed voter fraud while working as a poll watcher. Born. They found out Trump was ahead in my personal opinion, and sprung into action." Melissa Carone could possibly face a lawsuit. Sidney Powell is a crank. And she criticized the behavior of others at the vote-counting center for leaving ballots unattended and demeaning Republicans. So for instance, if you tune in OAN and watch 45 minutes of the middle of Lindell's movie, it would be plausible to argue that OAN is defaming, because you sensibly assume the stuff they're broadcasting at length is their content.. Shay Mitchell Knows Youre Skeptical of Celebrity Brands. The investigators linked an email address used to send the videos back to Carone. The disclaimer might be thought to be disingenuous or otherwise unpersuasive, in which case it won't shield the disclaimer from liability. Group, a Graham Holdings Company. On November 4th, Melissa claimed she witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place. Her Facebook page shows that attended a Stop the Steal rally supporting President Donald Trump. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. 1976 (age 46-47) Nationality. On social media, her pointed declarations, Midwestern lilt and poofy, blond updo drew comparisons to Saturday Night Live characters played by Victoria Jackson and Cecily Strong. Strong is then introduced as the first witness by McKinnon. ", "The CEO of a highly successful Halloween company shares the business advice she got from Mark Cuban", "Exclusive: Concert Promoter Takes Bite Out Of Shark Tank Winner", "The Haunted House Franchise backed by Mark Cuban", Carbone's company Ten Thirty One Productions,, American entertainment industry businesspeople, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 25 September 2022, at 02:05. In early December, Mellissa Carone became the subject of fascination and a "Saturday Night Live" skit after she appeared as a witness for Rudy Giuliani at a Michigan hearing over claims that Dominion Voting Systems' technology was used to perpetrate election fraud. Political Consultant at America First Consulting LLC. Judging by the overnight sensation shes become, Carones is a form of brashness Americans still dont have much resistance toward. There the cranks were, testifying one after another, clearly thrilled to be playing important roles, to matter, as they addressed lawmakers. Although Lindells movie has been taken down from YouTube, it could make an appearance in a defamation trial coming soon. Few have had more disastrous couple months than Rudy Giuliani did in late 2020. Carone drew laughter at times during her testimony, especially when she attempted to confront state Rep. Steven Johnson about an alleged discrepancy on the voter rolls. The claims seemed too outlandish. Trump Hugs Jan. 6 Protester Who Wants to Mass-Execute Congress. The 21 Best Sports Bras for Every Workout. NOW WATCH: 4 Americans stuck abroad share stories of flight cancellations and poor government response, Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories, first reported by Insider's Jacob Shamsian, Dominion sends letters threatening defamation lawsuits to Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, and other pro-Trump media figures, Dominion warns Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani it's readying a defamation lawsuit and tells him to preserve documents related to the voting-tech company, How Republicans could use their bruising 2020 legal defeats to gut voting rights, Trump and Republican officials have won zero out of at least 40 lawsuits they've filed since Election Day, Mellissa Carone, Giuliani's star witness in the Trump campaign's election fraud case, harassed her fiance's ex-wife by sending her sex tapes. Its why they claim him as theirs rather than relegate him to just another Manhattan millionaire. The video is worth watching. The fact is were in a crank pandemic and theres no vaccine. Melissa Carone. #InsideEdition Weeks after Mellissa Carone was tapped by the Trump campaign as a witness in Michigan, little appeared to be going as planned with the contract IT worker's testimony an unverified series of . An Asian man brought in ballots to be counted. Carone's flippant and theatrical demeanor drew millions of views on social media and led to a Saturday Night Live parody. ), Mellissa Carone: Ive had to get rid of social media.Also Mellissa Carone: Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. kuda virtual dollar card,
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